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🎉 Exciting News: The #VolumeProject Website is Live! 🚀

As the autumn leaves settled in the beautiful city of Vienna, our #VolumeProject team gathered on the 7th and 8th of November, not just for productive discussions, but to celebrate a milestone achieved!

We're elated to announce the successful wrap-up of PR1 and the dynamic progression into PR2 and PR3. These sessions, focused on content development, project management, dissemination, and quality assurance, have culminated in a tangible triumph — the launch of our much-anticipated project website! 🌐✨

Dive into the results of PR1, explore a repository of good practices, and stay up-to-date with our project's journey. The website serves as a beacon for our continued commitment to enhancing youth engagement through volunteering. Every page, a step towards educational innovation.

Join us on this transformative adventure. Your insights, participation, and support can help shape the future of volunteering for the youth. Let's navigate this digital chapter together!

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