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Exciting Updates from The Team at EPPSI: New Ways to Connect and Collaborate

Hello everyone!

As we navigate through an ever-evolving landscape, the importance of staying connected and maintaining open lines of communication has never been more paramount. It's with great enthusiasm that we share some exciting updates designed to enhance our interaction and collaboration with you.

Introducing Our New Email Addresses

In our quest to streamline communication and ensure that we are always accessible and responsive to your needs, we are introducing three new email addresses:

  • Reach out for general inquiries, thoughts on collaboration, or if you're in need of guidance or support from our team. Whether it's a question about our services or a proposal for a new project, this is your go-to channel.

  • Curious about what we do and how we can work together? This address is dedicated to exploring opportunities, discussing our services in detail, and kickstarting potential partnerships. Let's discover what we can achieve together.

  • For insights directly from our co-director Barbara, or to discuss strategic partnerships, innovative projects, and more. Barbara’s expertise and visionary leadership drive much of our success, and she’s looking forward to connecting with you.

These email addresses are more than just new points of contact; they represent our commitment to being there for you, ready to listen and engage in meaningful conversations.

Website Revamp Announcement

We are excited to announce that over the next 6 weeks, our website will undergo a comprehensive revamp. This transformation is aimed at enhancing your online experience, providing easier access to our resources, and showcasing our latest projects and services more effectively. We're committed to creating a platform that not only reflects our evolving brand but also serves as a valuable resource for our clients and partners. Keep an eye on for the big reveal!

Discover More on Our Website

In the meantime, we invite you to visit our current website at We've packed it with information about our mission, the services we offer, and the impact we're aiming to achieve. It's designed to be a comprehensive resource for understanding how our paths might intersect and the ways in which we can make a significant difference together.

A Call to Connect

This update is more than just an announcement; it's an invitation. An invitation to engage, to share your ideas, and to explore the possibilities of what we can create together. We are all ears and eager to hear from you, whether it's for a potential collaboration, seeking insights, or just to catch up.

Our journey is fueled by our interactions with you—our community. Your feedback, ideas, and partnership are invaluable to us as we strive to innovate and create lasting value.

We thank you for being an essential part of our network and look forward to the exciting opportunities our enhanced lines of communication and the upcoming revamped website will bring.

Warmest regards,


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