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Gen Y/Z SCOODLE – Second Chance On-Line Opportunities for the Development of Learning for Engagement

Gen Y/Z Scoodle final transnational meeting, in Athens, is nearly upon us so catch up about the project!

Improve the recognition and development of the professional competences of Young Tutors working in Second Chance Education (SCE) and young professionals working with marginalised young people.


Young people face uncertainties about their future, as a result of technological change, demographic trends, discrimination, social exclusion & their exposure to the fake news & increasing populism, with yet unknown effects on jobs, skills or the way our democracies work.

Despite the temporary economic upturn in the European economies, leading to lower unemployment across the countries, the emergence of the pandemic is enforcing a deepening recession, which leads to heavy & long persisting inequalities, including between generations. For the first time since the Second War, there is a real risk and serious possibility that today’s young generation will end up less well-off than their parents.

Under the prevailing conditions there is a need for sophisticated and innovative initiatives, involving and empowering these young people, enabling them to become architects of their own lives, build their resilience and equip themselves with life skills in order to cope with a changing world. Fighting youth exclusion asks for measures and programs to increase the availability of learning opportunities as well as personal and professional development ones for the young people.


  • Improve the recognition of professional competences of Young Tutors that operate in the field of Second Chance Education (SCE)

  • Support the capacity and competence building of young professionals that work with marginalized youths.


  • Research on the needs and competences of SCE Tutors.

  • Development of a Competence Framework for Young SCE Tutors and the related training material.

  • Creation of transnational working groups composed of members of the partnership and Adult SCE Trainers.

  • Creation of local networks of young professionals.

  • Adaptation of the training material to the local contexts.

  • Practical, on-the-job, training for aspiring Young SCE Tutors, adapted to the local context.

  • Collection of policy recommendations for policymakers and stakeholders.



  • Increase and quality improvement of competence frameworks and training materials available for young SCE professionals.

  • Improvement of competences and accreditation of 20 Young SCE Tutors.

  • Support to the educational reintegration of 40 marginalized youths.


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