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Bridging Borders, Enriching Lives!


Based in Dublin, Ireland and Salamanca, Spain, EPPSi is at the forefront of redefining educational landscapes. Committed to fostering social inclusion and spearheading Erasmus+ innovative projects, we proudly offer KA1 student mobility, a wide array of language courses for young people and adults, and engage in Erasmus+ funded projects. With a network that spans across Europe and beyond, we invite you to join us on a transformative journey of lifelong learning and global cultural exchange.



At EPPSi, we're driven by the understanding that sometimes, the catalyst for global change can be as simple as a helping hand. Born in the heart of Dublin in 2018, our ambition has been unwavering: to leave an indelible mark on the world. We're propelled by a blend of innovative thinking and a zealous commitment to the diverse projects and partnerships we engage in. In every venture we undertake, we aim to embody the tenacity of our convictions.
Our Purpose
We are EPPSi, and our realm is the enriching world of adult, youth, and vocational education and training. We exist to forge bonds—connecting organizations, professionals, and learners. Together, we share, innovate, and evolve, enhancing the educational journey for individuals across Europe. Our network is robust, encompassing universities, vocational colleges, second-chance schools, and training providers.
Our expertise extends to fostering key competencies such as citizenship, employability, language proficiency, life skills, and social aptitude, through both formal and informal educational pathways. At EPPSi, it's not just about education—it's about cultivating the skills that enable meaningful lives and careers.

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Making A Difference at EPPSi

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Professionals dedicated to youth, education, and vocational training are equipped with a suite of proven strategies and instruments. At EPPSi, 'Best Practice' encompasses:

  • The exchange of time-honored methods, resources, and tools.

  • The creation and refinement of innovative techniques, instruments, and materials.

  • Rigorous evaluation of these methods, tools, and resources to guarantee they remain current and high-caliber.

Illustrations of our commitment to best practice involve pioneering resources and tools in domains such as student mobility, careers counseling, and teacher training—all crafted by the EPPSi team.


A Strategic Partnership is made up of a consortium of organisations working in a particular field of education and training. Benefits of consortia- based work include:

  • shared expertise, knowledge and ideas

  • European perspective on challenges and solutions

  • Innovative development of curriculum and resources through collaboration

  • Continual Professional development of staff

  • Broadened horizons for learners

EPPSi has a wide network of organisations in the field of adult education, youth education, second chance education  and vocational education across Europe and beyond, including universities, second chance  schools, vocational colleges, local and regional authorities,  clubs and associations and  training providers.

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This is the heart of our collaborative projects:

  • bringing together organisations in the field of education, youth and vocational training at international level.

  • enabling professionals to  meet  the needs of their respective organisations 

  •  addressing challenges that are common to the partnership e.g. integration of migrants, embedding careers advice into the curriculum.

The EPPSi team has an extensive understanding of international communications and has worked collaboratively across Europe –Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Spain,Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Greece and Turkey – but also in China, India, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia and Russia.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James



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