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Project Manager

Bert possesses a wealth of experience as an educator, having dedicated many years to teaching at a national level and as an expert in second chance education across Europe. He has played an integral role in the European Association for Cities of Second Chance Schools (E2C) since 1998, contributing significantly to its network across Europe.

In 2012, Bert took on the pivotal role of managing the Secretariat for E2C throughout Europe.

Bert has been at the helm of financial project administration since 2000, overseeing the implementation of the Grundtvig Program, the Lifelong Learning Program, and the Erasmus+ Programs.

Throughout these years, his expertise in overseeing and managing a wide array of European projects under the umbrellas of Grundtvig, Lifelong Learning, and Erasmus+ is unmatched.



Suzanne, an educator trained in the field of English language instruction, also boasts professional expertise in teaching both Spanish and French. Her international tenure includes many years in Switzerland, France, and Spain, where she not only established her own language school but also contributed significantly to the University of Salamanca's MBA program by developing their B1 level English curriculum (ECFW) in 2015.

Her extensive background in ESOL education spans the private sector and conventional settings, highlighted by her role in primary education at The Montessori School of Salamanca.

Since 2015, Suzanne has expanded her professional repertoire to include project management, specifically within Erasmus+ projects focusing on adult education. She has shown a fervent dedication to fostering social inclusion through the establishment and nurturing of cooperative strategic partnerships.



Barbara, an educator certified in multiple educational levels, encompasses a broad teaching background that spans primary, secondary, adult, and second chance education. She has previously led the Second Chance School in Leeds, UK, and directed International Development at Doncaster College, UK. With more than three decades of project management experience in the Socrates, Lifelong Learning, and Erasmus+ programs, Barbara's profound knowledge in education, coupled with her creativity and innovative spirit, significantly enhances our collaborative strategic initiatives.

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