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**Hello and happy Wednesday everyone!**

Wow! Where to start? So much has been happening at EPPSi this year and we have not even celebrated our first birthday yet (it is 10th September if you want to send us a birthday greeting ;). We are proud partners in an Erasmus+ key action two strategic partnership project. INCAS Increasing Impact in International Work Placements, the project was written and the partnership formed by our project manager Barbara Brodigan.

To discover INCAS, click on the link above. There will be more updates from us here at EPPSi on INCAS events (keep an eye our events page for more information) and our transnational meetings (the meeting will be in Porto, Portugal in October 2019).

EPPSi were honoured to be invited to the annual teachers' meeting in Norrköping, Sweden in May of this year Barbara and Suzanne Brodigan ran three workshops, met some amazing people and had many inspiring conversations with teachers, politicians and students. It was truly a fantastic four days and one that will be stamped on our memory for many years to come!

A very very special mention and enormous thank you must go to Fia Björde, head of Hagagymnasiet Mairelund Second Chance School in Norrköping. Tack så mycket Fia for everything!

And this moves us nicely on to our project transnational in magnificent Sopot, Poland in June. What a three days!

So much to say and so many motivating moments to share with you all! Stay connected and keep your 'eyes peeled' as we say in English for more updates, photos, videos and yup the odd inspirational quote thrown in to brighten up your day!

Wishing everyone a very happy and peaceful Wednesday from all the team at EPPSi!

Suzanne Brodigan

Director at EPPSi.

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