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Scoodle Generation Y/Z

Generation Y/Z – Second Chance On-Line Opportunities for the Development of Learning for Engagement

GenY/Z-SCOODLE is coming to an end. What did we achieve?

After two years of hard work and collaboration, the Erasmus+ project GenY/Z-SCOODLE aimed at upgrading the capacity of youth professionals and organisations through Second Chance Education (SCE) methods and tools has come to an end. The project has successfully equipped more than 71 youth professionals and adult educators with the skills and knowledge needed to build sustainable solutions in order to re-engage the hard-to-reach young people.

More specifically, we built, piloted and validated sustainable solutions in order to upgrade the capacity of youth professionals and eventually youth organisations, addressing the lower range of Generation Y (aged 25-29) and the upper one of Generation Z, through European state-of-the-art SCE methods and practices.

The project has also facilitated the exchange of best practices and knowledge between different European countries, enabling participants to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing young people across Europe.

The Final Conference

To celebrate the closure of the project, the Final Conference was held on the 3rd of February 2023 in Athens, hosted by Amazing Youth, with the participation of 24 people. During the Conference, the project partners had the opportunity to reflect on the results achieved and to present the material that was created as part of the project.

At the first months of the project, the SCOODLE team developed the Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Framework and Accreditation Scheme to strengthen the professional awareness and identity of youth stakeholders by identifying and recognizing the areas of competence (knowledge, skills & attitudes) that underpin the youth professional’s diverse and multifaceted role.

After that, the SCOODLE partners created the Youth SCE Tutor Professional Competence Development Courseware (& Quality Framework) to provide a diverse offer of professional development opportunities specifically developed to meet the needs of youth professionals.

Moreover, SCOODLE created an e-course that is available on an online platform to encourage the establishment and further development of cross-European networks of youth professionals to strengthen their professional identity. Along with the e-course embedding terms of quality reference to the “Youth SCE Tutor Competence Framework” and “Youth SCE Accreditation Scheme,” the learning design of the “Youth SCE Tutor Competence Development Courseware,” coupled with the “Youth SCE Tutor Courseware Quality Framework” the project offers a Transferability Toolkit.

All these materials were presented in the form of a “Learning Café,” where delegates were able to attend each of the 3 workshops, which lasted 30 minutes each and were presented by the output leaders.

The success of the GenY/Z-SCOODLE project has highlighted the importance of investing in the development of youth professionals and organisations. By providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to support young people facing social and educational challenges, we can create a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

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